Continuous Monitoring

We offer Continuous Monitoring Systems through connecting sensor and PLC with the help of industrial protocols in the plant and improve asset health visibility, provide more measurements for cross diagnosis, and automate the process of sensor data collection.

Acquire asset health data 24x7 to catch pre-failure indicators that otherwise might be missed by periodic manual routes. It facilitates health monitoring and diagnosis the pipeline, machine, boiler, shop flour and plant.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

OEE is the single best metric for identifying losses, benchmarking progress, and improving the productivity of manufacturing equipment (i.e., eliminating waste).

It quantifies availability, performance and quality together to measure productivity.

Prediction & Forecasting

Prediction on the basis of time series data.

It helps the company identify new opportunities and risks early and grow profitably.

Alerts, Insights & Recommendations (AIR)

AIR infrastructure extracts insights and recommendations based on usage metrics.

Recommendations based on the analytics to manager or engineer for smooth work flow.

Process & Production Intelligent Software

It supports users working with the overall plant operations in the context of data analysis and reporting.

Typical roles are in the area of process improvements, quality, asset management etc.

Downtime Analysis

Collecting and tracking real-time equipment downtime and interruptions information and causes.

Non-productive activities tracking (e.g. downtime due to cleaning), idle and rework time tracking.

3D Modeling & Simulation

The multi-disciplinary 3D CAD Design Model helps implement the extraction of equipment layouts, general arrangement drawings.

We create accurate industrial 3D modeling such as COS Machine, shop flour, assembly line, and more.

CAD/CAE solutions implementation and Integration.

3D Printing & 3D Laser Scanning

Generate the physical model from laser scanned 3D model.

Keep your asset ready for simulation and optimization.

Offers wide range of LASER Scanning in terms of complexity and scale.

IT/OT Integration

Integrated OT and IT enterprise environments combine efficient operations with scalability and agility.

Integration of multiple PLC brands, external I/O, and various communication protocols with our applications.

On-Demand Software for Mobile Monitoring

On-Demand & Customized Mobile app for continuous monitoring of your asset.

Getting on demand scenario of business on your fingertips.

Automated Solutions.

Advanced visualizations of data.

Mange & monitor the plant.

Data Management

In the context of IoT, data management systems must summarize data online while providing storage, logging, and auditing facilities for offline analysis.

This phase involves the ongoing retrieval and analysis operations performed and stored and archived data in order to gain insights into historical data and predict future trends, or to detect abnormalities in the data that may trigger further investigation or action.

Data management solutions proposed for the Internet of Things, with a focus on the required design elements that should be addressed in order to provide a comprehensive solution.

Cloud Computing

The convergence of the global industrial system with the power of advanced computing, analytics, low-cost and reliable solution permitted by the cloud computing.

We offer Industrial cloud based solutions independent of the local infrastructure for better computing power, reliable and security.

Root Cause Analysis

It is the process of identifying factors that cause defects or quality deviations in the manufactured product using Machine learning algorithm.

The algorithms exist in the form of models which are trained with historical data in a way that allows them to make predictions and decisions based upon new data. 

Quality Control

Recognize and respond to quality challenges with an effective quality data collection process, increase production process productivity by developing and implementing improvement actions.

In-process quality control.

Human & Asset Monitoring

It offers the tracking of an asset movement in plant & shop flour such as fork lift and crane lift.

Nowadays, safety is one of the major criteria crime for any organization across the world consequently, IOT Asset Tracking System is focused with the safety and security of resource and any valuable things.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensor system that keeps track of objects that are within range of the user.

It also contributes to decide the availability and allocation of the resources and assets.

Health & Safety

Remote monitoring of operations no longer requires individuals to travel to sites without first knowing what and where a problem has occurred and whether or not it’s a safe working environment.

Manufacturing companies have to deal with heavy machinery and handling them with the utmost caution is essential.

IoT with big data helps to analyze and monitor the health and safety indexes through powerful Key Performance Indicators (KPI).